Tips for Choosing the Right Pattern of Kitchen Cabinets in a GA Home

You may not even realize the choices you have for patterns when it comes to kitchen cabinets in a GA home; you may not even give much thought to their pattern and design in the first place.

The inlaid pattern of kitchen cabinets in a GA home will be more important than you realize, as some will seem modern and sleek and others will have a very traditional feeling, and still others might seem casual or even country.  If you enjoy modern design then you may want to choose square patterns for your kitchen cabinets in a GA home; think Shaker style furniture or cupboards which usually include very square designs and few frills and details.

If Shaker style is too stark and plain for you but curved designs seem too casual or country, consider a square inlaid pattern that repeats.  This means squares notched into squares.  This gives your kitchen cabinets in your GA home some depth and detail and can make them seem a bit more traditional, while still being updated and stylish.

Curved designs are best for old-world styles; if you have a Tuscany or Mediterranean theme to your kitchen or home, consider curves and arches for kitchen cabinets in a GA home.  These are most standard.  You can also consider the paint color as this will affect the overall look; an antique white will seem old-world whereas a darker shade might make them seem richer and even more expensive.

It’s good to also consider the size of your kitchen when choosing patterns for kitchen cabinets in a GA home.  Too much design for a small kitchen might be overwhelming, so choose simpler patterns when your space is limited and save the detailed designs for larger spaces.

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