Tips For Choosing New Kitchen Cabinets in a GA Home

An investment in new kitchen cabinets is an investment in your home itself.  This is why it’s good to consider new kitchen cabinets in a GA home when you need to update or make your home more valuable in the real estate market or more efficient for your family.

Before you decide on new kitchen cabinets in a GA home, you want to consider your options for style and for installation.  You can save quite a bit of money if you choose prefabricated cabinets rather than custom made; they are cheaper since they come in a certain number of standard sizes, and you don’t need to pay a contractor to install them.  When you choose prefabricated kitchen cabinets in a GA home you install them on your own which is much less expensive than paying that contractor to do this job.

Choosing your style may actually be more challenging than anything else simply because you have so many choices in front of you when it comes to color and design.  If you prefer modern, choose something with a very square, simple and clean design.  If you prefer traditional, you’ll want something with more detail overall.  When you can’t decide and want to choose something in the middle, choose a square design that repeats for added visual interest.  This is a traditional style with a modern update!

A great example of this is the Chestnut Maple Collection at the RTA Cabinet Store. With a deep and handsome brown glaze on the multidimensional moldings gives these RTA kitchen cabinets a look and feel of old world elegance. It separates itself from other cabinet lines that the RTA Cabinet Store sells, like the Brandywine and Cherryville, by having a rich Chestnut glaze without the redness. The Chestnut kitchen cabinets are the perfect backdrop for any kitchen no matter what style you are going for because of this style’s versatility.

RTA kitchen cabinets are slightly different than prefabricated cabinets but the prices is still pretty competitive and you can install them yourself and still save money rather then hiring a contractor. With prefabricated kitchen cabinets you almost always get some type of fiber or particle board used in the construction. These materials are very susceptible to water and can be damaged by just a little bit of humidity. You will never see particle board used in the construction of an RTA kitchen cabinet. They are made from solid wood and come individually shipped and need to be assembled properly before installing. This may sound hard to some but all it involves is having a screwdriver and knowing how to use it.

Remember that very dark cabinets in a small space may not be the best choice, but if you don’t want stark white kitchen cabinets in a GA home, try antique white or Tuscany styles that can also be found at the RTA Cabinet Store.  These will warm up the space but keep it bright and airy.  Take your time to shop all your options before you choose from their nearly 30 different styles so you know you’ll love your kitchen for years to come.


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