How to Choose the Best New Kitchen Cabinets for a GA Home

When you’re ready for new kitchen cabinets for a GA home, it’s good to take some time to review your choices and options as this is an opportunity to update the look of your space overall.  Replacing your current cabinets with a similar color and style may mean a boring and drab space, whereas just a few simple changes can make it seem as if you have an entirely new kitchen.

Consider your color.  If you have simple oak cabinets, a dark and warm color can give added richness and elegance to your space.  A drastic change such as mocha or mahogany can mean a kitchen that looks very expensive even when it’s not.  On the flipside, if you have very dark cabinets now, choosing bright white or antique white kitchen cabinets for a GA home can open up your space and make it seem bright and airy.

Another consideration is the design or pattern you see on kitchen cabinets in a GA home.  Rounded designs can seem casual and even a bit country, whereas square and simple patterns are considered modern and clean.  If you’d like to update the look of your kitchen, consider how different patterns can add visual interest to the space.  A small change like this can also make a huge impact.

Lets say you had simple light wood cabinets before and you decided to go with the RTA Cabinet Store’s Mocha Shaker kitchen cabinets. The clean lines on top of the deep rich mocha finish gives this shaker style kitchen cabinet that “wow” factor. This finish is perfect for stainless steel appliances and even clean white appliances can be revived with these unique kitchen cabinets. Since this cabinet carries a sleek shaker look this gives you a great opportunity to add in textures throughout your kitchen and really give it a new meaning. Whether this is a back splash, slate floor, plush rug, they will all work great with these cabinets which allows you to personalize this kitchen more than others.

Why the RTA Cabinet Store? Well there are many reason why people end up purchasing their new kitchen cabinets from the RTA Cabinet Store making it one of the most popular destination on the internet for people who are shopping for RTA kitchen cabinets. Select reasons range from shipping accommodations, great prices, great quality, selection variety and publicity from HGTV and the DIY Network, which is the result of all these reasons previously mentioned.

The door stiles, frames and rails are made of solid wood as well as the dovetailed drawer boxes and doors. Even the sides are made of solid plywood creating a strong construction. There is no particle board used anywhere in these RTA kitchen cabinet’s construction. They come equipped with concealed under mount drawer sliders as well as concealed European hinges, which just adds more to the sleekness of these kitchen cabinets.

The last thing to consider would be the elements and hardware you add to your kitchen cabinets for a GA home.  Today’s modern styles call for oversized pulls on drawers and cabinets rather than traditional round knobs or small handles.  Note how stainless steel adds a modern touch, or how bronze or copper metals keep the space traditional.  These too are small details but they can add quite a bit to the overall look of kitchen cabinets for a GA home.

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