Why Choose Dark Kitchen Cabinets in a GA Home?

Most people assume that you should never choose dark colors or accessories for a home, in order to keep the space light, bright and airy. This is true to a certain extent and very true for small spaces and those that don’t get much natural light. However, you can consider dark kitchen cabinets in a GA home if you have the space and the light, and want to create an area that is warm and inviting. Dark kitchen cabinets in a GA home can make a home seem updated and modern.

Mocha Shaker style cabinets are a favorite choice for designers who want to bring a bit of both traditional and modern styles to the home, as the mocha color will add richness and warmth whereas the Shaker style is simple and clean. Accessorizing with stainless steel hardware against dark kitchen cabinets in a GA home will help to bring out those modern accents and décor.

Another reason to consider darker kitchen cabinets in a GA home is that the kitchen is often seen as cozy and inviting. Many newer homes have open floor plans where the kitchen opens up right into the dining room or family room or even the living room. The family may gather in the kitchen or friends may do the same when hosting a dinner party. Rich woods make the space seem welcoming and inviting. You can add light to dark kitchen cabinets in a GA home by updating your light fixture, adding track lighting, using glass door fronts for a few of the cabinets, and ensuring that your countertops and floor tiles are not overly dark. This will mean a cozy space but not one that is too dark or dreary or even downright claustrophobic.
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